Welcome to Totalus Rankium.

This is a a group of podcasts developed by Rob and Jamie; two people who are making these podcasts.

Rob and Jamie both have had extensive experience in history, and can claim to be primary sources to events going back to the 1980’s. Both have watched (or at least skipped past) the History Channel and they know that History can be studied at University. Their own love of history started in primary school, but failed to grow since then, leaving an open chasm into which historical knowledge can now be safely poured.

What they lack in credentials, the two make up in their ability to confidently say things that they think may be, possibly, true.

Rob has taken on the role of Historical Researcher and has even bought a couple of books linked to Roman history. Jamie, meanwhile, prepares each week by making sure his brain is as empty as possible: ready for all the facts to fill it.

Rarely has a podcast seen such dedication.