Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes. Want to know what Jamie and I talk about over WhatsApp? Here we are trying to figure out what we are doing.

In April 2016 we decided to do Podcast, but were not yet sure what…

01 Ideas

We decided to go for a Roman Rex Factor, and the real Rex Factor kindly said they did not mind us stealing their format! It took a while to find a name. In the end we decided on Roman Emperors: Je Na Caesar. we changed our minds moments before recording our first episode and changed it to Roman Emperors: Totalus Rankium. No idea who said it first, or why we went for it over the other suggestions here…

02 Name

Pubic war typo mentioned in our first episode – Baccus Groundus. See, it was real.

03 Pubic Punic

After recording our first episode, we were fairly happy. Now we needed music for the series – as recounted in our Questionus Respondi episode, the music was written in the pub while drunk using nothing but our mouths. I wrote it the next day.

05 Music

Soon enough Rankium Cards were created, and then Rocky (The Rock) was born!

04 Rocky

After a month we had a 1000 downloads. after a year and a half, we had 1/4 of a million. And 6 months after that, 1/2 a million! Thanks to all of you who are listening!