Episodes 91 – 100

Map for Justinian (episode 92). It looks damn good on a map – but most of this new red is quite weak – should be pink really…

Justinian Conquests 565CE

Map for episodes 92/93 – Justin II and Tiberius II. The war with Persia is on and Italy is falling apart (at least on the map – if you actually lived there, the influx of Lombards was probably a good thing, because people could, you know, use farms again and stuff).

Justin II & Tiberius II 580CE

Heraclius Gets 4 maps because a lot was going on. The first three are of his empire at the start, middle and End.

Heraclius Empire 1Heraclius Empire 2Heraclius Empire 3

Here is a map that roughly shows you how the war with Persia went.

Heraclius Persian War