Founding Father Maps E1-6

These maps show what the country looked like at the end of each presidency.

Map for George Washington. The original 13 states plus the 2 that joined during his presidency.

01 Geroge Washington Map

Map for John Adams. Not much changed… they neatened the territories slightly.

02 John Adams Map

Map for Thomas Jefferson. Louisiana Purchase! Land doubled overnight. plus the US now control the mouth of the Mississippi. Lewis and Clarke’s exploration marked plus the location of the big cheese.

03 Thomas Jefferson Map

Map for James Monroe. Not much to point out. The state of Luisiana is now a thing. As in Indiana.

04 James Madison Map

Map for James Monroe. This shows the new states, pus the distinction between slave states and free states and the Missouri Compromise line. Let’s hope this does not go badly…

05 James Monroe Map