Orbis Terrarum

One day the mighty Agrippa started a map of the known world. We don’t know for certain what it looked like, but this is one recreation of it, redrawn by us, with the history of Rome placed upon it. These 26 maps cover the entire Roman history from 509bce to 1453ce.

Map 01 Founding of the RepublicMap 02 First Punic WarMap 03 Second Punic WarMap 04 Third Punic WarMap 05 Birth of Julius CaesarMap 06 Death of Julius CaesarMap 07 Death of AugustusMap 08 Rome at its HeightMap 09 Pax RomanaMap 10 The CrisisMap 11 The TetrachyMap 12 The Fall of JulianMap 13 The Empire Re-DividedMap 14 The Hunnic EmpireMap 15 The West FallingMap 16 The West FallenMap 17 The Justinian ReconquestMap 18 The Rise of PersiaMap 19 The Rise of IslamMap 20 The Height of IslamMap 21 The West RebornMap 22 The Rise of the BulgarsMap 23 The Fall of the BulgarsMap 24 The Falling of the EastMap 25 The Mongol EmpireMap 26 The End of Empire